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LLI offers two terms per year: spring (Feb-late April) and fall (September-Thanksgiving).  Each term features in-person and online courses, some are small interactive discussions, some are hands-on learning to nurture your creativity, and some are lecture-presentations with Q&A. Courses and lectures are all taught or facilitated by volunteer instructors who have a passion for their subjects. Bring your curiosity, ask questions, and share life experiences related to the topic. That’s what makes an engaging experience for students and instructors!

LLI fields trips are typically part or full day trips to learn about university research, visit local and regional museums and attractions, and to experience the beauty of our region.

Special events are a free member benefit, often LLI talks at Warm Hearth Village, or programs presented by LLI partners, like Moss Arts Center.

Webinars feature special guests, some at a great distance, others from Virginia Tech. These presentations are done by Zoom webinar with Q&A following. Webinars are also a free member benefit.

LLI at VT works with Road Scholar to offer charter travel options. In 2024, LLI will be returning to Broadway in June and headed to Chincoteague and Assateague in November.