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Jack Call And Class

Who are our LLI instructors?

LLI instructors possess many kinds of expertise, but all derive satisfaction from sharing what they know and love. 

Gifted artists and crafters — painters, quilters, floral designers, creative writers — inspire their students and derive inspiration from them in turn.

Community members find reward and satisfaction in imparting their knowledge of genealogy, aging and personal growth, cooking, and gardening. 

Research and teaching faculty from many fields bring us new scientific discoveries, fresh historical perspectives, and heightened global awareness; they help us appreciate great music and literature and guide our explorations of contemporary issues. 

What kinds of instructional support does LLI provide?

In the instructor section of our website, we explain why you might want to teach for LLI and what the experience has been like for some of our veteran instructors. Here you will find proposal forms and an outline of our process, as well as tips for designing and teaching with older adults in mind. And since good teaching seldom takes place in a vacuum, we include a directory of instructional resources with contact information should you run into a problem or need some assistance.