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You focus about the content. We handle the rest.

Continuing and Professional Education connects Virginia Tech’s vast research, knowledge and resources to curious people throughout the world.

We reach tens of thousands of participants per year through the 400-plus programs we plan and implement.

We’re a one-stop shop that handle details from venue selection to registration and finances to on-site management.

CPE assisting faculty member

Our programs are held at university-related conference facilities in Blacksburg, Roanoke and Arlington. The Virginia Tech campus, five Commonwealth Campus Centers and non-Virginia Tech properties throughout the world.

If you’re a member of the Virginia Tech faculty, you’ll experience these benefits:

  • Eligibility to earn direct pay up to 33 1/3 percent of your annual salary for non-credit instruction in CPE programs
  • Assistance developing competitive grant proposals
  • Facilitation of Technical Assistance Programs (TAPs), a Virginia Tech-approved consulting agreement that allows faculty members can use university resources
  • Generation of funds to support graduate students, business travel or discretionary use
  • Tracking of certification hours and provide CEU transcripts


Contact Continuing and Professional Education to help plan your next academic symposium, conference or workshop.

Contact: Shelly Jobst - - 540-231-7084