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About the Conference

Welcome to the 13th Annual Commonwealth of Virginia's Children's Services Act Conference!  This year, we are Unlocking Our Potential by building strong and trusting relationships, accessing tools integral to organizational change, and embracing new challenges.  We are hoping to both reinforce the value of the system of care as well as challenge participants to “take it to the next level” through honest self-reflection and exposure to content reflecting the overall mission of the CSA: “Empowering Communities to Serve Youth.”

Please join us October 16-17, 2024 for two days of impactful training, vendor visits, and activities focused on the resiliency of Virginia's CSA community, the changes in child welfare arising from various initiatives and national trends, and the evidence-based practices that inspire positive outcomes in engaging the youth and families in our work.

We are pleased to offer topics relating to service innovations, self-care, family-driven practices, and more. To enhance your conference experience and engagement, we have implemented the interactive mobile application, Guidebook. This conference will equip members of the CSA network with skills, information and tools to continue the great work, embrace new opportunities, and boldly meet the challenges and opportunities that lie before us now and in the future.

Who Should Attend The Conference

Participants (including State Executive Council, State and Local Advisory Team) can expect to receive information and training that will assist them in achieving the mission and vision of CSA. Workshops are designed for local government representatives responsible for implementation of the CSA. Sessions are designed to meet the specific needs of CPMT members (e.g., local government administrators, agency heads, private provider representatives, and parent representatives), FAPT members, CSA Coordinators, community partners, and stakeholders.


April 3 – July 12, 2024 – Solicitation of conference breakout sessions

May 15, 2024 – Lodging Blocks open

May 15, 2024 – Conference Registration opens for Sponsors and Participants

August 1, 2024 – Notifications sent out regarding selected conference breakout sessions

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CONTACT: Liz Fillman, Virginia Tech Richmond Center